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Launch Website

Launch a branded website with all ready-to-use tools to collaborate among team, partners and supporters. Integrated Online Selling makes it easy to build powerful web pages, funnels and sales pages.

Maknify.com - Sell Expertise Together & Collaborate
Maknify.com - Sell Digital, Physical, Subscription Product Together

Sell Anything

Profit from expertise. Sell your digital products, merchandise, services, time to customers anywhere in the world as a regular subscription and as a one-time purchase. Manage your product listing, online selling process on your website or integrate easily with any external website.

Collect Payment

Collect payments from customers from anywhere in the world with our in-built payment gateway integrations such as Stripe, Paypal, Paytm, Cashfree, and more. Offer all payment modes of payment such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, mobile wallets and more.

Maknify.com - Collect Payment Worldwide
Maknify.com - Grow Your Community & Group

Grow Community

Community is key to network growth. Launch a community space for your audience to join for free or offer paid membership and build a thriving network to share and learn from each other. Easily manage a large-scale member community with all the tools.

Engage Customers

Customer Engagement is everything! Engage your customers on an ongoing basis with email, analyze their buying patterns, collect their survey feedback, offer products from your network partners, and easily manage all processes for invoicing, orders, refunds and cancellations.

Maknify.com - Engage Your Customer via Post, Feeds, Updates etc.
Maknify.com - Leverage Your Partners Network

Leverage Network Effect

Putting network effects at the core of your online business. Leverage group expertise, website traffic, leads & customers from fellow team members, partners or supporters to grow your expert network revenue. Use built-in tools to incentivize your network partners.

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Maknify.com - Start Your Expertise Network

Launch Website

Build & manage a beautiful website with easy to use and in-built CMS.

Maknify.com - List Your Expertise & Product

List Offerings

List your digital products, services, time, subscriptions on your website to start selling.

Maknify.com - Add Experts, Partners, Influencers, Supporters etc.

Grow Distribution

Add team members, influencers, and partners to leverage network effects to grow your reach.

Maknify.com - Manage Your Customers

Manage Customers

Manage customers payments, refunds, cancellations, email communication and overall engagement.

Maknify.com - Build Your Know Community & Sell Expertise

Build a Community

Start a free customer community or paid membership community & enable discussion and collaboration among members.

Maknify.com - Promote Your Product, Expertise

Promote and Grow

Grow your audience with built-in tools for SEO, in-built promotion tools, discount codes and social media integration tools.

Trusted by Marketers across the world

We have been using Maknify from the inception! Easy to use, awesome platform and superb team members make me feel we are on a shared journey!

Prateek Patel

Prateek Patel

Nifty Millionaire

I know the team since their early days of starting up. Maknify powers all my business, I have had many options to pick any other platform, but I love the team, their care, and compassion.

Vishal Khandelwal

Vishal Khandelwal

Safal Niveshak

Maknify has helped me to streamline all my work! With all-in-one tools, I can save time and focus on growing my audience without worrying about tech needs!

Annlin Martins

Annlin Martins

Wilson college, Mumbai

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