Community & Membership Features

Community Hub

Launch your community website that’s unique and loaded with flexible themes, color, logo, widgets, and branding. Connect your favorite apps, add more static pages to your group website, choose your custom URL, map your domain, and host one or more communities in your brand name. Maknify helps you with the setup process and beyond.

Offer Membership

Create more lead magnets. Let your visitors become lifetime customers. They can join as a member with a 1-click or customized membership form. You can also manually add members, create different membership types by associating different membership plans (e.g., regular/lifetime/ star, etc.) and allow a public or moderated joining process.

Discussion & collaboration

Maknify lets you share content, posts, comments and threaded replies on its discussion forums. Your subscribers and customers get to engage with each other. Let members search other members and filter based on member types.

Membership workflow

You can have free/paid, member-only, public, or private memberships. Various metrics such as customized application form, public/ moderated join, payment process for the paid membership, automated renewal, renewal frequency, and cancellation of memberships can be automated. You have the flexibility & also the ease.

Engage members

In today’s Biz world, Engagement is key. Sharing is caring. Images, videos and any amount of your brand content can be shared with all members in your media gallery. Send notification messages and unique documents to specific members. Showcase your community page on your Facebook page to gain more audience.

Mobile ready

Your online membership site has a built-in mobile friendly & brand-friendly, minimalistic site ready for your audiences to access and use.

Membership Fee Settings

Plan & manage your membership type pricing to charge extra fees to buyer/ absorb fee in your membership price. Use a global formula or setup each plan differently. Easily integrate your Paypal/ Stripe account to take membership registration payment directly to your account.

Membership Reports

Access your members list and reports via our dynamic tables with various custom columns to quickly filter/ search specific members. Download the entire members list in CSV file for importing to your own database/ CRM/ email service.

Payment Reports

Maknify tracks all payment reports such as received, pending, incomplete, discount to help you analyze your membership revenue.

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Jonathan Banks

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