Online Selling Features

Beautiful Online Store

With Maknify, you can list all your products/services (both physical & digital) on your online store. You can start selling them with your customized domain if you are on our premium plan. All your branding needs are taken care of under this default online store. You get your URL as [yoursite] as well.

Sell All Products

The sky is the limit for selling digital downloads, physical products, subscriptions, services booking on Maknify. Be it music, software, e-books, reports, videos, cheat sheets, checklists, logos, design assets for merchandises, business ideas, courses on baking & soaping and what not. Want more lead magnets? Give these for free to your customers. Upon purchasing these products, Maknify sends your customer an email confirmation with the link to download them.

Landing Pages

Your custom website on Maknify gives you a dedicated landing page for each of your products listed. It includes product descriptions, variants, product reviews, support guidelines, and checkout. Quick access to product listings helps your customer to buy seamlessly.

Grow your subscribers

Manage all your data in one place. Have an existing email/contact list? Maknify can import/migrate and add your customers to the contacts database/ audience data. You can also import/migrate from any CRM, MailChimp, Meetup, Gmail, and all such sources via CSV file.

Shopping Cart

Keep your shopping cart easy to navigate through. Ensure a secure checkout experience and integrate widgets and buttons to enhance the product browsing experience. Each product landing page is easy to explore. Make your store's URL secure.

Custom Checkout Fields

By default, for each product SOLD, you will get the buyer's name, email, phone number. Maknify allows you features that enable custom checkout form fields to collect more info as needed.

Product Reviews

Gain the trust of new store visitors. Let them read about your product reviews by previous buyers. Reviews retain a customer and build a relationship.

Widgets & Buttons

Already have your own website? Let your customer get Easy & Quick access to your products. Maknify store provides integration of widgets and buttons with each of your product listings on your existing website. Play around with these widgets and buttons across Maknify and partner sites.

Customer Management

Maknify lets you access and manage all your customer data. With a few clicks, you can filter data by products, by selling date, by frequency of purchase, and all of these on one platform. Product listings, invoices raised, and customer categorization based on purchase & sale frequency are aptly put together on our platform for quick access.

Order Management

Your customers can place an order for your products/services on your store on Maknify. You shall receive an email notification for every sale made. You can edit an order or make changes/updates on data about your customer. For each need, you can navigate around data based on your customer's request.

Inventory Management

Track all your orders received. Each product has a total quantity and number of sold quantities. You have easy access to product sales that you can set up, add more quantity if needed and update your customers on it.

Refunds and Cancellation

Should you need to, you can cancel an order on customer management too. Maknify provides a seamless cancellation and checkout experience. Your customers won't complain. As per the cancellation request raised, Maknify automates the refund.


Everything you need to sell your product/service is under one dashboard. Your product listings with their names, price, quantity, tax, variants, SEO settings, images/videos, and even start and end of sale timings and more; all of this in your online store. Maknify makes life easy for you and your customer by enhancing their buying experience.

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Customers are Loving

Maknify allowed me to increase my delivery rate. The operational costs have also dipped. Maknify Email Marketing Software and Amazon SES is the best combination.

Jonathan Banks

CEO of Company Name

Maknify’s simple and beautiful interface has worked wonders for me. I picked the Maknify email marketing software for my small business. I have migrated from MailChimp after many years of use. This is the best cost savings I have achieved. I make more money now.

Jonathan Banks

CEO of Company Name

I have been able to build and nurture my contacts database list on Maknify’s email marketing software. I migrated from Sendy self-hosted email campaign software. The limited features had slowed down my business. Now, I am on the fastest track to using advanced features on Maknify and boost my sales.

Jonathan Banks

CEO of Company Name

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